Our firm assists with:
  • Formal and Informal Probate With A Will
  • Intestate Probate Actions
  • Trust Estates
  • Creditor Claims


The passing of a family member or close friend can be the most difficult and confusing time in your life.  This is most especially true when you learn that you were nominated by that loved one to be the personal representative to administer the probate of their estate.  Ms. Caldwell has extensive experience in assisting personal representatives with the administration of complex estates throughout the state of Colorado. Ms. Caldwell can assist you in notifying and distributing assets to those listed in the will, communicating with financial institutions, publishing notice of the estate administration, selling assets, and all other unique needs that the estate may require.

Feel free to contact Ms. Caldwell at (303) 731-0056 to discuss your probate administration needs further.